How Blogging May Be the Answer to Accuracy in the News Media

BURST! Media released a study on May 18, 2005 revealing the use of the internet compared to other media sources. The study found that individuals were using the internet up to 30% more than other media sources. The Pew Research Center found that more individuals in the 20 – 34 year old age demographic are

The Media’s Handling of Anna Nicole Smith’s Death

There has been a debate throughout the media industry over the coverage of Anna Nicole Smith. The death of Smith monopolized the news media for months – television, print, radio and online all hurried to meet the demands of viewers who craved more and more information by the second. In the mists of this race

News, Content, and Delivery of Media

The changes in how different kinds of media are delivered have been exponential in growth since the creation of the newspaper. People have seen the evolution of media grow from etching words on tablets to reading the day’s headlines on their cell phone. The evolution of how media is delivered to the people has grown

Media Analysis of is a media organization that has a largely conservative demographic of both males and females. Like the Fox News channel, the web site seems to be focused on the late twenties/ early thirties through senior citizen demographic. This is evident in particularly their coverage of entertainment stories. Stories focused on the memorial of journalist The New News Media?

In this age of “You” media, it’s not unforeseeable that new and unique news mediums would pop up attempting to capitalize on an increasingly changing national consciousness for and about how we consume news. The big news sources have finally picked up on the new trend and in traditional mass media style are scrambling to

Questionable Media Entitlement to Brittany Murphy Autopsy Findings

Actress Brittany Murphy autopsy results are hotly awaited. News outlets and tabloids alike speculate, to varying extents, about her cause of death. What is the California autopsy law and how can you obtain an autopsy report? Should you? Brittany Murphy Death and Autopsy American actress and voice talent Brittany Murphy died on December 20th at